I have some input on my last BOOM!Box. Where do I send that?

Wunderbar! For each box, you'll receive a special e-mail not only with a sale code but with a mobile-friendly feedback survey! We are always seeking out feedback regarding our services. You can also submit reviews HERE, on our FB page, or the CJ marketplace. Lastly, you can send all rants, raves, comments, and quemments to [email protected]!

What's in the BOOM!Box?

Magic, my good friend. Fans of expression will appreciate that with each box, you will discover new nail wrap designs. As a subscriber, you can consider yourself the VIP of “Nerd Manicures” as we like to call it. The rest of the items? From wearables to frameables to playables and more! Each box contains exclusives and has an average total value of $75! There’s only one way to find out what this box of mysteries contains. You can also find out more here.

How much does a BOOM!Box subscription cost?

Hold onto your Nuka Cola caps. The quality contained in each box only costs $30 (+ shipping and handling) at a box-to-box rate. Every subscription renews automatically during the billing month unless canceled. 

Do you offer special pricing if I order multiple months?

As a matter of fact, yes we do! We offer three different pricing options: a) 1 box at $30, b) 2 box prepay at $50, and c) 4 box prepay at $90! 

What is the billing cycle?

Each subscription option available is set for automatic renewal. Upon subscribing, keep the date and subscription type in mind!

Example: Furiosa subscribed for 1 box (quarter-to-quarter) on January 25th. Her subscription will renew/bill on April 25th.
If she subscribed with the 2 box prepay, however, the subscription would have renewed/billed on July 25th.

When do I get charged for my BOOM!Box if I am subscribing one at a time?

As the BOOM!Box is a quarterly subscription, renewals will be billed the day you subscribed each quarter. See "What is the billing cycle?" above for more details.

How does gifting a BOOM!Box to someone work?

Princess Sparkle Hooves is a professional gifter. Every so often, she sends a BOOM!Box to her Pony Pen Pals. She subscribes to the BOOM!Box herself and clicks that magical "This is a gift" checkbox at the checkout page. When she's done she shouts, "YOU get a BOOM!Box and YOU get a BOOM!Box! Everybody gets a BOOM!Box! YEAAAAUH!!!"

When does my BOOM!Box ship?

You will receive a BOOM!Box once every three months! Boxes ship quarterly in Feb, May, Aug & Nov. The shipping window is the 1st – 15th of the ship month. 

Will the BOOM!Box be themed? I love/hate themed stuff!

Each cycle, the BOOM!Box goddesses part the clouds and from the heavens they speak one word to describe the nature of the box. At that point, the Nerd Misfits of Espionage Cosmetics curate the finest box based on that theme. When subscribers hold the BOOM!Box to the sky--Rafiki and Simba style--the BOOM!Box goddesses smile upon the Earth and glitter trees sprout from the ground while singing a merry tune. So, yup! These boxes are themed. 

Other than getting awesome mystery goodies shipped to my house every 3 months, what do I get out of being a BOOM!Box subscriber?

Ohhhhh the perks of being a subscriber! You'll gain access to buying exclusive items with a 30% OFF code for a limited time and  50% OFF new OP events!!! Subscribers also get first dibs! You will get advanced notice when new OP events are queuing and also gain access to the newest OP theme 24 hours before the public!

Will there be exclusive items in the box?

YAAAAAAASSSSSSSS! The universe is endless and there are so many nerdy items to discover, but not everyone is as lucky as the exploring BOOM!Box subscriber. Each box will have a select number of items that are exclusive to the subscriber. On top of that, every box includes two nail wrap sets, one of them being a subscriber exclusive!

What does "Limited Openings" even mean?

We have a limited amount of spots available per cycle. If you don’t want to miss out on exclusive products and advanced access to new nail wrap designs, we highly recommend subscribing as soon as possible.

Is there a waiting list for subscription spots for the BOOM!Box?

We do not currently have a waiting list for our subscription services, however, if you join this mailing list, notifications will be sent out should more spots become available.

How can I tell if the next BOOM!Box cycle is already sold out?

A BOOM!Box is sold out when the website begins taking subscriptions for the following box. Visit this page to check the status: Click here.

How do I know I've secured a BOOM!Box spot this cycle?

Have no fear! You’ll know if you secured a spot when you receive an e-mail confirming your payment has been processed. BOOM!Box will maintain a consistent amount of spots for subscribers.

What happens if I subscribed to multiple boxes, but cancel after receiving my first box?

By cancelling after receiving your first box, you're simply preventing renewal to occur after receiving prepaid boxes. You will continue to receive the boxes purchased, however, if you would like to cancel future shipments and receive a refund, our support team can help you out at [email protected]!

I was a "But Wait! There's MOAR!" Kickstarter Backer and I have X amount of subbox months leftover. How do I redeem those?

Thank you so much for helping us put our nerdy dreams into action! Your pledge allowed us to put on our capes and give the #NerdManicure 'verse the hero it truly deserves: Nerdy Nail Wraps. At this time, we are unable to reach Time Lords to go back in time to retrieve functional codes. In the meantime, Kickstarter Backers receive special, shiny deals via e-mail. Want MOAR? Make sure you're on our mailing list! Sign up here!

I have a vlog/blog/press outlet that would love to unbox or review the BOOM!Box. Who do I talk to about this?

The Daily Planet can help you out there at [email protected]! Be sure to specify which subscription service (BOOM!Box or NEXUS) you would like to feature, provide links, and of course a little bit about your lovely self!

I have a nerdy company/band/product that I would love to have featured in the BOOM!Box. Who should I reach out to?

Collaborating with other parties for the BOOM!Box is one of our favorite things to do! Show us what you’ve got by sending information and photos/links to [email protected]!

What is the average value of a box?

The average BOOM!Box contains at least $75 in product. :) Shiny fun!

I missed one of the themes. Is there any way to get a previous box?

You can definitely get a previous box, however, quantities are extremely limited and only while supplies last! Many boxes sell out and will no longer be available. Available boxes can be found HERE for a $40 one-time purchase.